some simple things to note:

It is important that you understand the following when choosing to use us at Proserpine Car Care to provide any services on your vehicle.


We are properly & fully insured with Elders Insurance. We are also covered with full Public Liability insurance. We are happy to discuss this with you should you want any clarification.
Whilst your vehicle is in our hands we have ensured that your vehicle is covered by our insurance. This also extends to any mishap that may occur while we are working on your vehicle. Sometimes these accidents can happen & we will openly advise you should anything happen. Honesty is an important part of our business model & you can rest assured your vehicle is in good hands.
We will note any areas on your vehicle that are of concern & be sure to talk you you about this either by phone or when you arrive to pick up your car.

Pre Existing Damage to your vehicle

We understand that just about every car no matter it's age will have some form of damage through either general use or a specific mishap. We kindly ask you to be transparent in advising us of any areas of concern you have around this. Most of the time it is safer to avoid this area as best we can rather that risk causing any further damage. If we find anything not previously discussed, we will note this on your booking form to discuss with you accordingly. We will always take great care of your vehicle while it's in our possession.

Private Belongings in your vehicle

While we are working on your vehicle it is inevitable that we will find items under & between seats, in rear boot, centre console etc. We will safely keep these items & place them in a container in order to place back when we are finished working on your car. ANY money whether coins or notes will be placed in a zip lock bag & placed in the container with any other items found.

Terms & Conditions