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On The Side - extras

In the process of taking an idea & then wanting to create a concept that was different, we took the approach of keeping it simple in every aspect which as a customer makes choice simple. Which is where the words " Your Simple Car Care Solution " became prominent.

- The below services can be added to any item from the main menu. Simplifying & Customising what you choose.

- We are always happy to discuss any of these options so you can be certain you are getting the best value option.

Wheel Decontamination      $35.00

Acid Free deep wheel cleanse to safely decontaminate your rims face & barrels from harmful bonded brake dust.

Please Note: There will be certain rims & certain cases where the contamination will be far greater & therefore we will advise on which more specialised business we suggest on contacting to achieve a far better result. Years of bonded & baked on brake dust can be a very hard to remove build up & great consideration of the substrate & finish your wheels have will play a big part in the proper approach to achieving better results. We are more than happy to discuss these options with you.

Clay Bar Paint Treatment      $35.00

We live in a harsh climate & environment. We can not argue with that. Nor can we deny that those factors can & will leave a build up of bonded things such as calcium, minerals from hard water & many other environmental issues we face. With a proper treatment using high grade Detailing Clay we can gently break down & remove the majority of this surface contamination. This service is one that requires good knowledge of which method & technique to use on the type of paint you have on your vehicle. Pre existing damage such as clear coat failure & scuff marks can not be clay barred. We will walk around your vehicle with you to ensure this process is safe for your vehicle.

Interior Protection Application      $35.00

Our Interior protection has 2 important factors to it. While it offers a high degree of U.V Protection, it also is a lovely non-greasy, non dust attracting natural finish dressing. Add this to any interior menu item.

Exterior Protection Application      $35.00

Your vehicles paint is undoubtedly subjected to our harsh Nth QLD environment & therefore offering it some protection is helping to preserve its finish. Our durable 6-8 mth Spray Sealant offers high UV & Environmental protective qualities. It looks great too !