Just an Interior



Basic Clean of All Interior Surfaces

You spend all the time on the inside of your car so not only is it a visual necessity but also from a point of hygiene. You can only imagine all the germs that get built up on your vehicles interior, some of these you would not normally even consider. Keeping an interior clean also helps to maintain those surfaces & therefore keeping it looking good for a long time.

- Vacuum carpets & floor mats

After removing anything that may be found in & around your interior we then set about giving it a good vacuum to remove debris. If your floor mats are not a fabric material then they will be hand washed & dried

- Wipe interior surfaces with a damp microfibre cloth

We use a mild interior cleaning product & damp microfibre cloth to wipe over all interior surfaces leaving the clean & dust free

- Interior / Exterior windows cleaned

Clean glass is a must. Having clean glass not only looks good but it's a safety issue too. Also helps to minimise sun glare

- Deodorise interior w/ a subtle air freshener

It's always nice to hop in your clean vehicle & it smells fresh. Once we have cleaned your interior we use a pleasant gender neutral sanitising air freshener to deodorise & freshen your vehicles interior