Interior w/ The Lot



Detailed Clean Of All Interior Surfaces

Lets face it, you spend a lot of time on the inside of your car. Having a clean interior has many benefits. When we complete this service we use professional equipment to help us reach all the nooks & crannies. Soft brushes, compressed air & other specialty tools ensure a detailed clean is done.

- Extensive vacuum of carpets, seats, pockets, cup holders & mats

When you consider all the times that we get in & out of our vehicles & all the other activities such as eating, drinking, sports activities & family life, we are introducing many different forms of dirt & debris. An extensive vacuum of your interior is the basis in which a good clean finish is started.

- Clean surfaces with Alkaline & Amonia free interior cleaning product

Your interior surfaces no matter which car brand are quite delicate in regards to what can safely be used to clean them. There are many different types of materials that make up a cars interior & it is important that we use professional, safe products to ensure a clean surface is left behind. Again, we use only quality microfibre cloths & soft brushes in this process

- Interior / Exterior windows cleaned

Clean glass is a must. Having clean glass not only looks good but it's a safety issue too. Also helps to minimise sun glare

- Tyres Shined

Good quality tyre shine gel is all we use. Nothing looks worse than a nice clean car with horrible tyre shine sprayed up all over the side of your vehicle