Exterior w/ The Lot



Complete Wash of Vehicles Exterior Surfaces

When we complete this service we spend considerable time & many more steps than our " Just a Wash " . This is to ensure your surfaces are chemically & mechanically decontaminated from bonded road grime & tar etc. Bird & Bat droppings, Tar & other environmental contaminates can damage your vehicles paint & other surfaces.

- High Pressure pre Rinse & chemical decontamination of vehicles exterior surfaces

The only chemicals we use are high quality automotive products. This helps ensure the process of removing tar, contamination & general road grime is done properly but also gives you peace of mind knowing that any product used on your vehicle is safe & our team are well trained in the correct use of these products

- Wheels & wheel arches chemically cleaned & scrubbed using a good quality woven wool wheel brush

Wheels always look best when they are clean no matter the style. Wheel arches that are caked in dirt & road debris is the number 1 thing for causing rust in your wheel arch panels. The build up gets wet & soaked & takes considerable time to dry which allows rust to start & take hold. Brake dust that is allowed to build over time causes damage to your rims surfaces due to the high acidic nature of the dust from your brake pads.

- Detailed hand wash of of exterior surfaces using quality pH Neutral Shampoo

After the decontamination process we then hot wash your vehicles exterior using a microfibre wash mitt along with pH neutral shampoo. Door jams also get cleaned in the wash process along with a good hand wash. Rims, plastics & trims are also washed properly

- Fresh water rinse & dry using a microfibre drying towel

Using microfibre on any surfaces whether interior or exterior helps to ensure we are getting the job done properly while looking after those surfaces.

- Exterior / Interior windows cleaned

Clean glass is a must. Having clean glass not only looks good but it's a safety issue too. Also helps to minimise sun glare

- Application of Fully Slick paint sealant

Bowdens Own Fully Slick is just as it's name describes.... FULLY SLICK. Fantastic U.V. protective qualities. Keeps your vehicles paint surface cleaner longer. Beautiful shine & feel

- Tyres Shined

Good quality tyre shine gel is all we use. Nothing looks worse than a nice clean car with horrible tyre shine sprayed up all over the side of your vehicle