$ 70.00 AUD

Bare Essentials

Nanolicious Car Wash

A couple of years ago we sat down with our chemists and began the wish list for a dream wash. This wash needed to be super lubricating, have amazing cleaning power, gentle on delicate modern paints and hands, be a true protective wash suitable for the Aussie environmental conditions and work with modern nano based paint protection coatings. It took a couple of years to get right, but what we created is one of the best and most unique washes on the planet.

  • Our dream wash, created with the finest modern ingredients available.
  • Adds polymer based protection, to protect from the Aussie suns UV rays.
  • Restores a beautiful glossy shine to your car after each wash.
  • Deep cleaning formula, the most effective we have ever made, that's still safe and gentle on all paint, plastic trims and rubbers.
  • pH neutral, so it won't strip quality waxes, sealants, paint protection coatings, or your hands.
  • Super thick and lubricating suds, that encapsulate dirt and grit to stop it from scratching.
  • Uniquely maintains, rejuvenates and repairs hydrophobicity qualities on nanoparticle based SiO2, "ceramic", "glass", "quartz" and other protective coatings. Even bringing them back from the dead with a few washes.
  • Hydrophilic ingredients means it sheets off faster for better rinsing, with no streaking or oily residues common in other "protective" washes.
  • No salt or silicones are used in this formula and it has a healthy dose of anti rust additives, because we love cars.
  • Super concentrated, just 25mls is needed for 10 litres of water. (21 washes in 500mls, 84 in the 2 litre bottle).
  • It's a completely biodegradable and earth friendly formula.
  • Proudly all Australian developed and made as well.

Naked Glass

Words cannot express how much we love this glass cleaner. With the hundreds of windows we clean each year it was important to have a product that does the job both fast, easy and streak free. Just spray into a microfibre cloth, wipe the glass over, then turn cloth to a dry side and buff off to show perfectly clean glass. This is something every car fanatic needs in their car care arsenal.

  • For perfectly clear and bare glass
  • Ideal for windows, mirrors and chrome
  • Fast drying and super easy to buff off
  • No streak formulation
  • No harmful ammonia
  • Helps stops dust particles attaching to the glass surface as well as helping resist hazing
  • Effective cleaning agents remove haze, grime and minimise fogging
  • Safe for all quality factory fitted and aftermarket window tints in good condition
  • Biodegradable and human safe

Muffy Sponge

With its new mesh sides and softer plush fur on the top and bottom. It's a super safe wash sponge that will never scratch your car, that we've designed for the gentlest touch down-under.

  • Our ultimate washing accessory.
  • Premium construction for the fussy car lover, combining the best features of top shelf sponges and wash mitts.
  • Soft and open ended, short pile microfibre. Easy to rinse out dirt/contaminants and provides a barrier that minimises the chance of light scratches or swirl marks developing in your paint.
  • Gentle and effective washing surface, for a brilliant clean finish.
  • Ergonomic shape and not too thick so your hand does not fatigue while you wash.
  • Its a good sized 23 long x 11 wide x 7cm high, to fit most hands with ease.
  • Open mesh sides, to increase suds and water absorption for more suds on your car.
  • Lint free and machine washable.
  • Bright yellow, to make you aware of, and clean any dirt out of the "Muffy" material.
  • Made by a family of car fanatics, for car fanatics.

Orange Agent

With its new mesh sides and softer plush fur on the top and bottom. It's a super safe wash sponge that will never scratch your car, that we've designed for the gentlest touch down-under.

  • A uniquely pH neutral, ready to use all purpose cleaner. It's especially great for cleaning engine bays; being safe for all your polished metals and other delicate surfaces, but strong enough to clean up all the heavy dirt and grime. Also awesome for deep cleaning dirty car interiors, including vinyl and leather, vinyl hood linings & is perfect for use in shampoo extractor machines. Also wheels, tyres, plastic trims, undercarriages and perhaps the biggest users have been the bike guys, both motorised and people powered varieties.
  • Our much needed safe and powerful all purpose cleaner.
  • Effective, non corrosive, water based formula, with a citrus based cleaning agent that is biodegradable and eco friendly.
  • pH neutral, which is unique as most all purpose cleansers are very alkaline and can affect delicate surfaces.
  • For easy degreasing of engine bays, bikes, and other components.
  • Rapidly dissolves oil, grease and heavy grime.
  • Penetrates built up stubborn residue.
  • Safe on paint, metal, alloy and most plastics.
  • Easy to use - spray on, brush, then hose off while still wet.
  • Gives a showroom clean finish with no white or greasy residue.
  • Works well at cleaning wheels, tyres, inside guards, door jambs and under carriages.
  • Great and safe cleaner for bikes, both pedal and motorised types.
  • We find it perfect for cleaning down the engine after a big day at the races.
  • Add 100ml of Orange Agent to 100mls of Snow Job and 800mls of water, for a wax strip wash when Snow Foaming.