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Bowdens Own Car Care Products

Home grown car care, for people who love their cars

The Bowden family has a deep passion and a lifetime of experience in caring for their own cars. In the year 2000, they began developing a range of quality car care formulas that actually worked the way they needed them to. Working with some of Australia's top chemical engineers, they further innovated and perfected the formulas through years of careful trial and error. The end result is a range of home-grown specialty products that deliver safe and stunning results. With a strong focus on the quality, ease of use, being fun and proudly Aussie made and owned, their range of products are something that all enthusiasts can be proud to use on their own pride and joys.

The Below Listed Items Are Available For Purchase In Store Only

Orange Agent - Bowdens Own

Orange Agent


A uniquely pH neutral, ready to use all purpose cleaner. It's especially great for cleaning engine bays; being safe for all your polished metals and other delicate surfaces, but strong enough to clean up all the heavy dirt and grime. Also awesome for deep cleaning dirty car interiors, including vinyl and leather, vinyl hood linings & is perfect for use in shampoo extractor machines. Also wheels, tyres, plastic trims, undercarriages and perhaps the biggest users have been the bike guys, both motorised and people powered varieties.

Vinyl Care - Bowdens Own

Vinyl Care


Our world first silicone free interior cleaner and protectant. Using it regularly will look after all your cars interior vinyl, artificial leather, plastic and rubber. This is a formula that we are very proud of, and we know you'll love using to care for your cars trim. Safe for long term use on all vinyl dashes and rubber trims. Non-slip, so it's ideal for steering wheels and floor mats. Its non-greasy, water based formulation does not attract dust. Enhances vinyls and plastics to a natural looking satin lustre.

Leather Love - Bowdens Own

Leather Love


We know your leather needs our love. It took us a couple of years to create and perfect this great leather cleaner/conditioner. It's made to specifically look after all modern polyurethane, top coated leather. If your car is made after 1984, it will have this leather. Use it and see the difference great car care can make.Your leather needs our love! Gently cleans and conditions leather in one quick step. Made for automotive polyurethane coated leather, compatible with 98% of modern vehicles.

Naked Glass - Bowdens Own

Naked Glass


Words cannot express how much we love this glass cleaner. With the hundreds of windows we clean each year it was important to have a product that does the job both fast, easy and streak free. Just spray into a Inta-Mitt or low pile side of the Big Softie microfibre cloth, wipe the glass over, then turn cloth to a dry side and buff off to show perfectly clean glass. This is something every car fanatic needs in their car care arsenal. For perfectly clear and bare glass. Ideal for windows, mirrors and chrome. Fast drying and super easy to buff off. No streak formulation No harmful ammonia.

Fabra Cadabra - Bowdens Own

Fabra Cadabra


A professional grade, fabric cleaning solution that really works. With the vast amount of late model cars using fabrics for interiors, we made this just for the task. As it is solvent free, it's ideal for cleaning the more delicate Alcantara and micro-suede materials as well.A magic cleaner for interior fabrics. Innovative deep-cleaning formula gently removes dirt, oil and most other stains. Safe for all cloth and fabric including modern Alcantara and ultra-suede, carpet and even hood linings. No harsh solvents or damaging foam cleaners to affect fabric or stitching.

Muffy Sponge - Bowdens Own

Muffy Sponge


Muffy Sponge, with its new mesh sides and softer plush fur on the top and bottom. It's a super safe wash sponge that will never scratch your car, that we've designed for the gentlest touch down-under. Our ultimate washing accessory. Premium construction for the fussy car lover, combining the best features of top shelf sponges and wash mitts. Soft and open ended, short pile microfibre. Gentle and effective washing surface, for a brilliant clean finish. Ergonomic shape and not too thick so your hand does not fatigue while you wash.

Shagtastic Wash Pad

Shagtastic Wash Pad


What you need for an outta-sight clean. We developed this funky wash pad with some equally fussy enthusiasts and pro detailers, to give safe/scratch free washing that’s easier than ever before. The Shagtastic uses a plush blend of deep pile microfibres to give a zen-like clean, safely removing the funk and grime particles from your paint, holding them deep in the material until rinsed out, helping prevent annoying swirl marks on your precious baby. No tripping, it will blow your mind. Groovy blend of funky fibres work together to give a blissful, safe wash experience. Plush shag pile is a new 3-yarn fabric, creates a deep & soft cleaning surface, to prevent grit and grime from swirling delicate paint.  

The Wash Pillow

The Wash Pillow


We lusted after a big sized wash tool and as has been said for many years, bigger can be better. This big blue Wash Pillow has been created for the ultimate in satisfaction, for fanatics who like to do it by hand. Its great 3 yarn microfibre is a plush, deep pile blend that we've found to be the best material for super effective cleaning and to minimise the chance of ever creating swirls and micro scratches in your paint. You'll love these cool features:Plush and deep shag pile, to prevent grit and grime creating swirls and micro scratches in modern paint. Huge 25 x 25cm size gives a greater surface area for fast and super easy washing. Holds a mammoth amount of suds, so you can wash further than ever before.

The Big Green Sucker - Bowdens Own

The Big Green Sucker


The super luxurious drying towel for all car and microfibre lovers! Developed in close collaboration with some fussy professional detailers to be the fastest and most effective tool for drying. Its thick, soft and plush weave is the most absorbent microfibre we have ever found and is exceptional at minimising errant dirt and grit missed while washing, from scratching your car.Super absorbent microfibre towel that literally sucks water into its fibres, so you can dry in half the time. Ultra soft and thick fibres minimise any chance of dirt or grit micro-scratching your paint when drying. Super plush, makes it safer than any waffle weave or chamois type drying cloths.

Wheely Clean - Bowdens Own

Wheely Clean


We are always seeking to better the products we create with constant and ongoing formula revisions. Our Wheely Clean is one such example and this is now the 6th update since we first began formulating it 9 years ago. This latest formulas' has a real focus on grime cleaning, so it's epic for loosening that dirt and grime, so you can pressure wash the majority of it away with no scrubbing. This formula is a full year of development by our chemists, to create a totally unique variant from 14 quality ingredients, all custom blended in our Queensland factory to be of a world class quality.No longer smells like arse, as well as allowing your nose hairs to grow back as well! More effective on brake dust, because this is why you want it.

Nanoliscious Wash - Bowdens Own

Nanoliscious Wash


A couple of years ago we sat down with our chemists and began the wish list for a dream wash. This wash needed to be super lubricating, have amazing cleaning power, gentle on delicate modern paints and hands, be a true protective wash suitable for the Aussie environmental conditions and work with modern nano based paint protection coatings. It took a couple of years to get right, but what we created is one of the best and most unique washes on the planet.Our dream wash, created with the finest modern ingredients available. Adds polymer based protection, to protect from the Aussie suns UV rays. Restores a beautiful glossy shine to your car after each wash. Deep cleaning formula, the most effective we have ever made, that's still safe and gentle on all paint, plastic trims and rubbers.

Bugger Off - Bowdens Own

Bugger Off


With so many late model cars and bikes having plastic and polycarboante parts that can be affected by traditional bug cleaning products, we needed to find a safe solution. We worked with a group of professional detailers to develop this formula, that is very safe and still super effective at cleaning bug strike marks from your car, bike and truck.Specially made to clean off bug splatter fast. A must for every road trip. Powerful citrus formula, formulated to target Aussie bug splatter. Won’t remove quality waxes, sealants or paint protection. Safe on all paints, glass, plastics, rubber, fibreglass, headlights, fairings, number plates, grills, & bullbars. Leaves a clean finish, washes off with water and no residue

Carnauba Body Wax - Bowdens Own

Carnauba Body Wax


We custom blend this boutique wax for those who want the easiest to use product that delivers a stunning show car shine. No abrasives, no harsh cleaners, just a pure protective carnauba wax. Another one we love, and by the fans we get after they use it, you will as well. Created to appease the most hardcore car enthusiasts. Contains the highest grade T1 Brazilian carnauba wax, for a brilliant showroom shine. Quick and easy to apply, even quicker & easier to remove. Leaves no white residue on textured plastic trims or rubbers. Great for both older enamel and new acrylic paints. Sophisticated optical clarifiers to give your paint extra depth and vibrancy.

Fully Slick - Bowdens Own

Fully Slick


Our original spray sealant that has become famous with car enthusiasts due to the beautiful slick feeling surface it leaves, now with an updated formula that's slicker, shinier and easier to apply. It will both protect and enhance the gloss and shine on your 4 or 2 wheeled friend. It's fast to use and has become our great entry paint sealant; we absolutely love it. Going by the awesome reviews we get for it, a lot of others do as well!For the absolute slickest feeling finish, something true car enthusiasts love! Creates a protective, showroom high-gloss shine in one quick step. Good for all paint types, from modern clear coats, to older single stage paints.

Boss Gloss - Bowdens Own

Boss Gloss


This awesome detailing spray is made for car lovers who need something super fast and easy to bring up a great shine. As it's so fast and easy to use, Boss Gloss has become the go to product for our family to use on our cars before a show or tour event. It's also ideal for a quick go over before the car show judges appear (even in the sun) or a fast spruce up before car club run. It gives a high gloss shine and leaves a lovely slick finish for the win.Our fastest and easiest to use detailing spray. Gives a slick smooth finish and great show-car shine. Water based synthetic formula that's ideal for both modern clear coats and older single stage paints. Won't strip waxes or sealants, so it's ideal to use as a final step process.

Bowdens Own Tyre Sheen

Tyre Sheen

New updated formula, so it goes on even easier and lasts longer. Will not wash off at the first sight of rain. Gives the tyre a perfect, new and natural looking sheen. Will not fling off the tyre onto your cars paint while driving. Built-in cleaning formula saves you time and money. Removes browning on tyres. Quick drying and easy to use. Contains specialised oils to help protect and preserve tyres. Effective on genuine white wall tyres, just spray on and wipe them clean. Will not affect any painted, chromed, polished or alloy wheels

The Wash Bucket - Bowdens Own

Wash Bucket W/ Lid

Created for our Safe Wash System, this dedicated 15 litre wash bucket is part of our new bucket set for the safest clean of car or bike. We made these easily identifiable buckets for washing and rinsing as a two bucket wash technique, as it dramatically reduces the chance of any grit and grime from scratching your car.

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